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Value added service SCMS

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At Satcom Global we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to ensure your needs are met across a wide varied of industries. SCMS is our maritime solution for remote support and configuration management, enabling automatic ship and shore based file updates as well as remote connectivity to all vessel PCs, servers and devices.

SCMS aims to create a better customer experience and maximise efficiency of the satellite communications system through enabling ship IT managers or even Satcom Global support to manage updates centrally, taking hassle away from the vessel. The software on the ship then automatically downloads and installs updates and the status of updates is logged to the server to keep you informed on the progress.

To find out more about SCMS, please just get in touch.



  • Automatic download and updates
  • Remote installation of hardware
  • Installation by administrator
  • Flexible support for updates
  • Reporting for update and system status


  • Reduces roll out costs
  • Reduced IT support costs
  • Faster issue resolution
  • Return to base on hardware using remote installs to configure
  • Keep track of ‘who’s got what’

Please visit our Resources page to download our SCMS product sheet