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Satcom Global Aura

Satcom Global VSAT

Satcom Global Aura offers a customizable VSAT portfolio addressing the budgets and operational needs of vessels in a wide variety of maritime markets from fishing and leisure, to commercial shipping and offshore. Aura delivers high-bandwidth Ku-Band services in a broad range of speeds and packages, offering industry leading flexibility and value for always on communications in the world’s busiest shipping routes.  

Please visit our Resources page to download the Satcom Global Aura product sheet as well as the Intellian VSAT terminal product sheets.

If you want to speak to one of our friendly sales experts in Oceania to find out more about Satcom Global Aura please contact

  • Fully managed Ku-Band VSAT service with broad range of bandwidth options
  • Flexible L-Band back-up from Iridium and Inmarsat
  • Reliable hardware from Intellian, iDirect and Cisco
  • Flexible Fair Use Policy with guaranteed CIR
  • BYOD technology enabling crew communications
  • Operational benefits through increased bandwidth and uncapped video capability
  • Expert VSAT engineering and installation services
  • Reliable 24/7 customer support
  • Futureproof and organically growing network and platform

We have a wide range of packages available offering MIR (up to 6144 / 1536) and CIR (up to 2048/1024). These are listed on our product sheet which you can download here. We can also offer bespoke packages on request.


Aura coverage with Iridium back-up

Click here for the Satcom Global Aura Coverage with Iridium L-Band back-up

Aura coverage with FleetBroadband back-up

Click here for the Satcom Global Aura Coverage with Inmarsat FleetBroadband L-band back-up

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